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The Art of Applying and Wearing Strip Eyelashes Correctly


The art of wearing false eyelashes has been popular for decades, from the dramatic lashes of Hollywood celebrities in the 60s to the vibrant and bold eyelash extensions of the present era (Maldonado, 2020[1]).

This essay examines the steps to properly wear striped eyelashes. It explores the processes, materials needed, and helpful tips to optimize the wearing of strip eyelashes and how learning the art preserves natural eyelashes, contributes to the beauty routine, and impacts one's self-confidence.

Techniques and Tools Required

All processes start with preparing the necessary materials: a pair of strip lashes, eyelash glue, tweezers, eyelash curlers, eyeliner, and a mirror (Kumar, 2018[2]). The selection of eyelashes is significant as they complement the shape and size of the eye. Applying them correctly enhances facial features, transforming the makeup experience.

Process of Applying Strip Eyelashes

The process begins with preparing your natural lashes (Kumar, 2018[2]). Curling them creates a platform for the false lashes to sit, and the mascara application helps in blending the natural lashes with the strip lashes. The subsequent step is measuring and cutting the false lashes to fit the eye width. Overly long lashes may cause discomfort or an unnatural look. After achieving a perfect fit, users then apply the lash glue on the strip lash band, waiting for it to become tacky before applying.

The application process requires precision and practice (Kumar, 2018[2]). Placing the strip in the middle of the eyelid as close as possible to the lash line ensures a seamless fit. Angling the false lashes to meet the natural lash curve promotes blending and a realistic appearance. Adjusting the ends of the strip lashes ensures a comfortable fit.

Post-application, one needs to press the strip lashes against the natural lashes, merging the two (Chi, 2019[3]). An eyeliner application can effectively help conceal the lash strip. Learning this process correctly preserves the health of natural lashes, which can become damaged due to poor application techniques or ill-informed choices.

Impact of Properly Wearing Strip Eyelashes

The impact of mastering the art of wearing strip eyelashes extends beyond aesthetics. It plays a crucial role in boosting one's self-confidence. Makeup has psychological effects, and learning to enhance one's natural features contributes to these positive effects (Hellström & Tekle, 2019[4]). False eyelashes can accentuate the eyes and complete a makeup look, thereby aiding self-expression, which is a critical aspect of personal identity.


The proper application of strip eyelashes is an art with practical and psychological benefits (Hellström & Tekle, 2019[4]). While the steps may seem daunting initially, frequent practice makes the process smoother and faster. Therefore, makeup enthusiasts should learn these techniques to enhance their beauty routine and protect their natural lashes. 


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The Art of Applying and Wearing Strip Eyelashes Correctly

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